We Love our
Persian Kittens

We have  kittens just born.
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TeaCup or Standard Size?
Doll Faced or Smushy?
Cottony or Silky Coats?

These are the questions to ask yourself.
Cream Persians, Red Persians, Silver Shaded Persians, Red Tabby Persians,
Black Tabby Persians, Silver Tabby Persians, Tortie Persians, and Pure Black Persians, and Black Shaded Persians
What a selection to choose from....everyone is having a hard time choosing which one...and instead picking two! 

Calico Shaded Teacup Female (SKU: Carmella)Calico Shaded Teacup Female (SKU: Carmella)
Pet without Breeding Rights $1250 
With Breeding Rights $1750
Lilac and White Bi-Color Female (SKU: Aphrodite)Lilac and White Bi-Color Female (SKU: Aphrodite)
Pet without Breeding Rights $950 
With Breeding Rights $1600
RedTeacup Male (SKU: Patton)RedTeacup Male (SKU: Patton)
Pet without Breeding Rights $1250 
With Breeding Rights $1800

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