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Herrod the GreatHerrod the Great

Color: Seal Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Harry
Pet Price $300 With Breeding $1100

Isabella's BabiesIsabella's Babies
Lil Bandida of Paz 4 PlayLil Bandida of Paz 4 Play

Color: Black-White Persian
Nick Name: Dida

Mulberrylane Honey of Paz 4 PlayMulberrylane Honey of Paz 4 Play

Color: Red Tabby Persian
Nick Name: Honey

Paz 4 Play CarmelottaPaz 4 Play Carmelotta

Color: Golden PatchTabby with White LH Exotic

Nick Name: Carley

Paz 4 Play HibiscusPaz 4 Play Hibiscus

Color: Shaded Cream Persian

Nick Name: Biscuit

Paz 4 Play's Bugatti VeyronPaz 4 Play's Bugatti Veyron

Color: Blue Point Calico Himalayan
Nick Name: Bug

Retiring Pet Price $350

Paz 4 Play's HibiscusPaz 4 Play's Hibiscus
Color: Shell Cameo Persian

Nick Name: Biscut
Paz 4 Play's Little Girla PearlaPaz 4 Play's Little Girla Pearla

Color: Tortoiseshell Himalayan

Nick Name: Pearla

Paz 4 Play's Magic ManPaz 4 Play's Magic Man

Color: Tea Cup Chocolate and White Bi-Color

Nick Name: Charley
Pet Price $250 With Breeding Rights $1250

Paz 4 Play's Prada's PretensePaz 4 Play's Prada's Pretense

Color: Odd Eye White Persian (Green and Blue)
Nick Name: Prada

Paz 4 Play's Precious PromisePaz 4 Play's Precious Promise

Color: Shaded Silver Persian
Nick Name: Bonnie

Paz 4 Play's PurrberryPaz 4 Play's Purrberry

Color: Shaded Silver LH Exotic Persian

Nick Name: Purrberry

Paz 4 Play's Shadow DancerPaz 4 Play's Shadow Dancer

Color: Shaded TortieLH Exotic Persian
Nick Name: Dancer

Paz 4 Play's Tahitian PearlPaz 4 Play's Tahitian Pearl

Color: Copper Eye White Persian 
Nick Name: Pearl

Paz 4 Play's Tesla BellissimaPaz 4 Play's Tesla Bellissima

Color: Tortoiseshell Persian

Nick Name: Tessla AKA TROUBLE

Paz4Play"s Creme BurleePaz4Play"s Creme Burlee

Color: Brown Tabby Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Burrly

Paz4Play's CherrishPaz4Play's Cherrish

Color:  Tortie Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Cherrish

Paz4Play's Chocolate MargaritaPaz4Play's Chocolate Margarita
Color: Chocolate Smoke
Nick Name: Rita
Pet without Breeding Rights $400 
Paz4Play's Dutchess of WalesPaz4Play's Dutchess of Wales

Color: Seal Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Sky Kitty

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