Pure White Persians
We have 3 babies just born,
2 males and 1 female all masking blue.
 Eye color is not yet known.


Everyone adores a Pure White Persian,  Blue Eyed White Persian wonders, Copper Eyed White Persians that stop your heart, and the most eye catching of all is the Odd Eye White Persian which takes your breath away.

We have Odd Eye Whites in our breeding program that are both Doll Faced (the Classic Persian of 20 years ago also seen on the Fancy Feast Commercials) and the Show Quality Flat or Smushy Faced Persians.  We breed Odd Eye Whites so that any Blue Eyed White Persians that come from the litter do not have hearing difficulties. All our Blue Eyed White Persian Kittens are healthy with the full range of hearing.

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SOLD Pure White Male with Copper Eyes SOLD (SKU: White Willow)SOLD Pure White Male with Copper Eyes SOLD (SKU: White Willow)
Pet without Breeding Rights $750
With Breeding Rights $1600 

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