About Us
About Us

Are the Kittens used to dogs and children?

Yes they are.  We have a two year old American Bull Dog, that was a rescue, and we are like lots of families... extended... with grown children and 2 toddling grandchildren living with us.  It makes for a full and crazy life sometimes, but I would not change a thing except for adding a maid ...lol

What is your Cattery like?

My cattery is my home, 2500 sq ft, all accessible to the kitties.  We have 2 floors and most of the cats like the main floor with occasional naps and quiet time upstairs.  We have one requirement of our cats and that is they must get along.  If a cat is quarrelsome it is not acceptable for a breeding program where we specialize in health and character. We have one bedroom set up near to our greatroom (kitchen/dining/living rooms)  just for the cats, it has three windows for cross ventilation, steps, perches, and beds on the walls that are accessed by pussy poles that go from floor to ceiling straight up and at angles…they have a ceiling promenade, there are feeding stations and cubbies, and litter areas. The room is designed so the cats always have something to do and places to go to be alone if they want.  We have a kitten area will small toys, and big areas with big toys. 

There are climbing opportunities, and cat towers in each room in our home and the cats are always finding new thing to do.  Moms have lots of special areas for nesting and sometimes they share kitten care with each other, but we always know who is who.

My husband and I are general and specialty contractors and make our own schedules so the kitties always have someone around.  The house is clean and does not stink; my husband was clear when we started breeding in 2001 that a nasty stinky house was unacceptable.  We have a professional groomer who comes to our home and grooms the cats every 2 months and some of the kitties sport Lion Cuts depending on the time of year.  I am always vacuuming otherwise.

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