Paz4Play's CherrishPaz4Play's Cherrish

Color:  Tortie Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Cherrish

Paz 4 Play's Shadow DancerPaz 4 Play's Shadow Dancer

Color: Shaded TortieLH Exotic Persian
Nick Name: Dancer

Paz4Play's Dutchess of WalesPaz4Play's Dutchess of Wales

Color: Seal Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Sky Kitty

Paz4Play's Misty MorningPaz4Play's Misty Morning
Color:  Seal Point Tortoiseshell Himalayan
Nick Name:  Misty Morn
Paz4Play's TreasurePaz4Play's Treasure

Color:Blue-White LH Exotic Persian
Nick Name: MyTreasure

Paz 4 Play's Tahitian PearlPaz 4 Play's Tahitian Pearl

Color: Copper Eye White Persian 
Nick Name: Pearl

Paz4Play's Shady LadyPaz4Play's Shady Lady
Color:  Blue Smoke Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Shady Lady 503-999-4416

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