Paz 4 Play's Precious PromisePaz 4 Play's Precious Promise

Color: Shaded Silver Persian
Nick Name: Bonnie

Paz4Play's CoCo PuffPaz4Play's CoCo Puff
Color:  Calico Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: CoCo Puff
Paz4Play's DelilahPaz4Play's Delilah
Color:  Golden Tabby Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Delilah

Purr n Meow Isabea of Paz4PlayPurr n Meow Isabea of Paz4Play

Color:  Cream Persian

Nick Name: Izzy

Paz4Play's Lady ChatterlyPaz4Play's Lady Chatterly
Color:  Tortoiseshell Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Lady Chatterly

Paz4Play's Chocolate MargaritaPaz4Play's Chocolate Margarita
Color: Chocolate Smoke
Nick Name: Rita
Pet without Breeding Rights $400 
Paz 4 Play Mercedez "Sadie"Paz 4 Play Mercedez "Sadie"

Color: Shaded Tortie Silver and Gold Persian

Nick Name: Sadie our Shady Lady

Paz4Play's Misty MorningPaz4Play's Misty Morning
Color:  Seal Point Tortoiseshell Himalayan
Nick Name:  Misty Morn
Paz 4 Play's Paisley's PerfectionPaz 4 Play's Paisley's Perfection
Color:  Calico Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Paisley
Paz4Plays Powder PuffPaz4Plays Powder Puff
Color: Silver Point Himalayan
Nick Name: Powder
Snow Bunnies Miss Queeny of Paz4PlaySnow Bunnies Miss Queeny of Paz4Play

Color: Silver Shaded Mackerel Tabby with Green Eyes
Nick Name: Queeny Retiring $350

Paz4Play's Shady LadyPaz4Play's Shady Lady
Color:  Blue Smoke Persian with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Shady Lady

IKITTY Twilight Sapphire La PazIKITTY Twilight Sapphire La Paz
Color:  Shaded Blue LH Exotic with Copper Eyes
Nick Name: Tilly
Paz4Play's Zurina AlmedaPaz4Play's Zurina Almeda
Color: Pure White Persian with Odd Eyes
Nick Name: Zurina 503-999-4416

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