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sugar and the easter bunny

Hi there!
I bought a Kitty from you a while back and what a treat it has been. My entire family loves him and my 5 year old plays whith him as if he was her little brother. We named him Sugar. Attached is a picture of him with the Easter bunny!
sugar in bed

Here he is in his bed....he is not spoiled....
Alexandra Hicks


Hi Laura:
I just wanted to send you a note to say that we are crazy about William.  His is so much fun and I can't believe how happy and loving he is.  He sleeps when we sleep....he plays....and it only took one day for him to worm himself into the hearts of my other cats.  Now Daisy and him play all the time...and he really tries to smooze with Jack (our Orange Tabby).  
Willaim and Grandma 
The most miraculous thing is....we took him to visit my Grandma who is in a foster home with some dementia and hasn't said very many words in 2-3 months.  When I brought William in....she had the biggest smile on her face and started talking like her old self.  His name, William, in part, is from my Grandma's husband (my Grandpa).  My Grandma was really touched by his name and is so tickled to see him.  He was an angel with her.  My Mom cried and cried after that visit because William helped bring her Mom back for that hour.
He has exceeded all of my expectations and I just want to thank you again for raising such a fine young man.  We will love him forever.
Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.
Merry Christmas,
Shelly and Wendy

Hello Laura:
William and Shelly 
We are continuing to have a ball with William.  He is the greatest addition we've ever had to our home.
Our only problem....ALL FOUR of our cats want to be in the top of our one cat tree...so we're thinking we need to get a second cat tree.   You mentioned that you have a guy that builds excellent cat trees that might be willing to make one or has one for a discount.   Do you have his name or number...or how we can proceed in getting one of his trees.  
Thanks so much,
Shelly Heesacker

Nickel at 3 months

Thought you would like to see some pictures of Nickels at 3 months old.  He is doing great, back claws are pretty sharp and his teeth are really really sharp and strong.  He travels great, is very friendly with strangers.  Lots of energy.  He has the sniffles so I am taking him to the vet tomorrow.  He is about 3 ½ pounds now.  I occasionally have to squirt him with the water gun when he goes places he shouldn’t.  My family came out to see him and loved him.  My dad, who had to put down his 12 year old himi last month I think would like a new cat.  Worried a kitten may be too much work for him, are you selling any of the “retiring” adults.  He loves Nickels personaility which has a lot to do with how you raised him, so perhaps your other adults are just as loveable.

Let me know… send me pictures.. thanks,

Steve from California

PS.  He totally knows his name now

Maria Reinal

Hello Laura! 

This is Holly Miga who adopted the little blue eyed teacup girl. Her name is registered as Marie Reina! And she has to be the sweetest kitten I've ever known! She does so well when all our friends are over and she just loves the attention. We try not to let her know how much of a princess she is, but she knows it!
Here are some pictures! 
Maria Reinal 2
Thank you so much for blessing us with this little sweet pea! 

Holly Miga

Romeo on the fireplace

Afternoon Laura~
We wanted to update you on the kitty's and ask a favor of you....First off we took them to a cat show back in November just to see what it was like. They of course were in the non championship kitten category. Romeo actually did better than Jewelz, her nose isn't quite pushed in enough to continue, Romeo on the other hand had no issues with the Judges. We learned a lot and and had fun, we did learn that Jewelz actually turned out to be a shell cameo the way her red high lights turned out, she's absolutely the sweetest cat we have ever known. She is still shy and skittish until she gets to know you but such a sweet heart and loves to sleep with you.
Jiliet on her Tower
Romeo has changed the most, his under coat came in and he's ended up being an absolutely gorgeous black smoke. He looks all black until you part the hair or blow on his back then you see his white/silver undercoat, and he ended up with copper eyes like Jewelz which I guess is what a black smoke is suppose to have. So the judges had us change his color on his papers. We are not at all disappointed in their colors. He of course is our little trouble maker (lol) that boy will get into anything and everything and of course you can't get mad cause he's so dang cute and just loves to cuddle and constantly purring and loudly I might add.
You were 100% right when you said males are the most affectionate and loving and will greet you at the door. Romeo is usually the first one when we come home or running around the corner as the door opens to greet us...

Hi Laura!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the kitties in WV.  They are both great!  They went to the vet today.  Percy now weighes 3-1/2lbs and Peaches weighes 2-3/4lbs.  They got their boster shots and vaccines according to schedule.  They will see the vet again in 4 weeks.  We will schedule their neutering and micro-chip at that time. They were the hit of the vet's office and everyone wanted them.

Percy is still very vocal and has Kara and her husband trained to meet his needs! LOL  Peaches is still a sweety and likes to stay close to me.  She also has my husband wrapped around her little body!  I bath her every week or so and she tolerates it fine. Percy fights a little more.

Both kitties are wonderful, loved, and being cared for.  We can't thank you enough for providing us with such outstanding pets.  If you need us for any references, please feel free to let us know.

Brenda Stevenson
Project Coordinator
Teaching American History Project

Hi Laura,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our amazing new kitten!  He was called Tia 2 on your website, but we've renamed him Yeti.  He is so incredibly playful and sweet...not to mention absolutely adorable.  Everyone comments on his great temperament, including his vet and all of the vet techs!  Of all the breeders we contacted, you took the time to educate us on the teacup breed with straightforward and honest answers.
We would love to find Yeti a little sister.  I would really like to purchase a small teacup female, with mature weight of 3-4 lbs.  Do you have kittens this small?  Would you foresee any health concerns with kittens of this size?  I know that we recently missed the opportunity of your small cream female, but if you have any future kittens that fit this description we would be love to hear!
We are so lucky to have found your cattery....and even luckier to have Yeti as the new addition to our family!
Thanks again!
-Catherine and Andrew Horton (Wells, Maine)

Here is our Angel at 7 months old. We call her the cashmere kitty because she is the softest thing on four legs! She is a diva for sure and we totally adore her! We hope to buy another one sometime in the future! Keep breeding these beautiful, sweet loving cats! We can't imagine our lives without her in it!

The Simon family, Richmond VA

Laura, Just wanted you to know that we arrived in Boise with Millie. We spent 3 nights in Portland and we had absolutely no trouble with her. She curled up on our bed and went right to sleep. Quinn was not as excited about her as I hoped, but she is slowly coming around. Millie is very courious and into everything. Every once in a while she will climb on one of us and just want a little lovin and then she off again. What fun she is. Thanks again. Mikell Galloway

here's just a few pictures of blake i will send more later if you wanna send buissness cards ...if there's anything you need just let us know thanx again for the blessing of our baby blake

Testimonial Hey this Is Chantal The girl who you sold your odd eye colored cat to.. I just wanted to send you a pic so you could see how he looks like now..i Love my kitty Gizmo so much! He's so cute and a very funny cat:))
Gizmo - Just Chillin

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of Dottie B. She is such a great cat. She and my other persian are getting along great. Lets say its a love hate relationship. Theres no grooming of one another but they are playing all the time. Thanks again for such a great cat. She is getting so big. She is now 10lbs! I honestly thought my other one was losing weight until I weighed Dottie and found out how much she had grown. Take care. Hope all is well

Hi Laura its Danielle Rose from Longview i bought Lumi and LuLu from you! Lumi is doing fantastic is so pretty and very talkitive! We love her shes the sweetest! Anyways I thought you might be having kittens soon so I thought i would email you and ask if you could let me know when you have a female tortie or mackerel tabby avaiable I really like there marking and would like to get another female.. Thanks so much Danielle Rose Cant wait to hear from you!
Danielle Rose

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