Seal Pt Tortie Himalayan Female (SKU: Noela)Seal Pt Tortie Himalayan Female (SKU: Noela)
Pet without Breeding Rights 1250 
With Breeding Rights $1700
Flame Pt  Himalayan Male (SKU: Point Setta)Flame Pt Himalayan Male (SKU: Point Setta)
Pet without Breeding Rights 1350 
With Breeding Rights $1700
Seal Pt  Himalayan Female (SKU: Cherrish is the word)Seal Pt Himalayan Female (SKU: Cherrish is the word)
Pet without Breeding Rights 1450 
With Breeding Rights $1900


 We have 2 New Himalayan Mommies at Our Cattery
Damsel in Distress is a Tortoiseshell Himalayan
The Duchess of Wales is a Seal Point Himalayan
They are a Year old and Already Producing

 Call Laura @ 503-999-4416.
Himalayan Kittens are the most in demand Persian in the United States.  Known for their increadable disposition, their love for play and their desire for companionship, they are the best companion in the animal kingdom.  They are sometimes hard to find and tend to sell quickly.  If you are interested in a particular color point please call and reserve a kitten if you see it in the nursery.  Even if you do not see it in the nursery, I can breed for almost any color point and multiple face shapes including doll, apple, and of course the smushy. 


Paz4playcattery@comcast.net 503-999-4416

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